Welcome to TechNix...

TechNix is an indigenous Malawian company established in 2014 and registered in January 2015 under the Business Names Act (cap. 46:02) with registration number 176081. It is also registered with the Office of the Director of Public Procurement (ODPP) and the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA), with number 31050264. The company provides Information and Communications Technology (ICT) related products and services to the general public.

Our Vision:
To be a preferred provider offering ICT solutions which address customer needs in Malawi.
Our Mission:
To simplify customer business process through ICTs.
Our Philosophy:
At the heart of everything we do at TechNix, we always aim at being able to simplify; we strive to simplify the tasks our customers undertake in their business, at work or in their everyday life by providing them with ICT solutions which help them do the tasks easier, faster and more accurately.

We always aim at being able to simplify!



whether it is business advice, prices of services or even presenting our technical capabilities, we always present the truth and we are sincere..


At TechNix, we are always loyal to our clients by fulfilling all our contractual commitments.


Creation of new or improvement of existing solutions which simplify customer tasks drives TechNix.


TechNix guarantees a positive experience to customers anytime they engage us for support, feedback or queries.